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Safety, stability and regular maintenance

Playground Equipment Inspection with Schools360.

What We Do?

It is regulated by law that swings, seesaws and jungle gyms must be controlled regularly. We provide specialist equipment to thoroughly inspect all items to ensure the complete safety of children.

Safety, stability and regular inspections

Playground inspections have become a necessity for schools. Often defects are found within equipment and it is impossible to know that equipment is even faulty without the proper checks. Even though equipment appears to be in good condition the internal workings of woodwork could deem them unsafe, stability is no longer granted, and kids run the risk of getting injured while playing.

What is an IML-RESI System

The IML-RESI’s are special instruments to make ‘visible’ interior damages and provide detailed information about wooden poles. That way it is possible to take specific countermeasures in time accidents because of insecure wooden poles can be avoided.

This system can be booked via Schools360

Some of our services include

Repair of swing seats shackles and bushes
Repainting or powder coating
Replacing decayed timbers
Replacement of ropes and nets
Wetpour patches
Surfacing edge repairs
Playground Signage
Skate park refurbishing
Gate Springs and Buffers
Bark / Wood Chip topping up

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Other services