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School360 can help you choose the perfect option(s) for your outdoor space, combining safety with accessibility and a lower maintenance requirement.

Play Equipment

Though we are an independent organisation, we have worked closely with all of the major suppliers and manufacturers of playground and leisure equipment, and can help you find options that are tailored to your needs perfectly. We only use or install equipment that is fully EN and BS certified, and can have custom-built pieces independently inspected for quality and safety. A wide variety of different designs and materials are possible from the early years to key stage 2, physical literacy and special educational needs.

Fitness Equipment

More and more, we hear that adults and even children are failing to get the levels of physical activity and exercise that doctors recommend. The health effects of this have been devastating, and many councils, schools and even private organisations have responded by creating ‘green’ gyms and exercise areas that are either open to the public or to their own employees.

There are a huge number of solutions available to you, from galvanised and powder coated calisthenics combinations, dynamic body weight machines which favour the differently-able and mobility-impaired, more traditional strength and cardio equipment or fully load adjustable dynamic units. No matter what your budget or the projected needs of the facilities users, the perfect solution is out there. Schools360 can help you find it.


MUGA and sports pitches

MUGAs are excellent ways to confine various ball games and similar dynamic activities to a particular area. In schools this enables you to move football games inside the fence line which frees up the rest of the play area for pupils wanting to take part in other forms of play. Schools360 has many years of experience configuring MUGAS and courts to work effectively in even the most awkward areas.

Many aspects of a MUGA can be adapted to improve accessibility for those with mobility issues, visual impairment, or other special needs.

Synthetic Grass

Synthetic Grass gives you an advanced technical performance in a surface that looks, feels and plays like the real thing. Ideal for play areas where you might wish to maintain a more natural look or a surface which is tactile for nursery and early year children, with the correct sub base synthetic grass can achieve up to 3m critical fall height.

Synthetic grass is ideal for a large number of sports applications. The key is in understanding the requirements of the surface and the level of maintenance the client wishes to take on

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