Active Playgrounds Programme & How It Works...

Here at Schools360 we believe all break times, lunches and evening breaks are optimal slots for us to deliver impervious yet efficient & entertaining activities for all children to engage in! Resulting in everyone achieving 60 minutes of Physical Activity a day.

In 2016 Schools360 carried out extensive research in schools all around London, Milton Keynes and Birmingham. Following our research we concluded that our Active Playground Programme is proven to assist behaviour & activity levels, therefore leaving children and students fully focused mentally & physically for the day and ready to learn...

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Following our research carried out in 2016, we are proud to have recorded an 80% reduction in incidents & issues regarding, behaviour and bullying and violence as well as an obvious reduction on time spent for Senior Staff dealing with such cases. All this is narrowly down to an increase in physical activity

"Outstanding delivery of the programme. Not only are our playgrounds now a hive of fun & thriving with activities, but the provided staff from Schools360 get along very well with our PE staff as if they were our own! Very Impressed"
Luke Elton, Head Of PE, Two Mile Ash Primary School

All this is accomplished through various activities that we can host through lunch time & evening breaks such as:
Football, Rugby, Netball, etc.
Team Activities such as Giant Twister, Giant Jenga,etc
Walking Trails & Climbing Trails
Table Tennis
Variety Of Clubs such as Lego Clubs, Board Game Clubs, etc

We also run after school provision to ensure parents have an option to leave their children for more activity. Download our brochure or email us for more information.

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