What Is Active PE?

As we all know PE stands for Physical Education. Active PE is meeting the guidelines for children of all ages to reach at least 2 hours of physical education per week.

The way we plan on implementing this is through our 360 School professionals that are fully qualified and have obtained Level 1-3 Extended Diplomas in Sports Coaching and Fitness as well as being ILM & QCF qualified. Our 360 School professionals will work closely alongside your PE Teachers & Leadership team to : Implement, Monitor, deliver/support and drive active PE.

Schools360 have been delivering distinguished programmes for over 5 years. The Active PE programmes can stabilise a strong foothold in terms of support for your staff. Developing a fully inclusive PE programme to ensure all children engage in the recommended 2 hours of Physical Education per week.

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We thrive in pushing the following :

Aiding a full PE curriculum delivery.
Gifted & Talented Child Support.
Engagement Strategies.
Structured Lunch time provision.
School Leagues & Competitions.
Recommendation & Advisory on safe practice.
Evaluation Criteria & Reporting.
Quality Assurances.

Holiday and after school club set up.

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