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Schools360 ensures the school gets the revenue it deserves. With no 50/50 splits like other companies- our revenue split is in favour of the school 80/20. That not good enough? WE GUARANTEE a set fee payable per month to the school. So you will never feel short changed with our partnership

Schools360 provides:

DBS checked staff to ensure safety of the school out of hours
Online bookings management software (please click here to visit our online bookings system page)
Full Disclosure of all lettings and schedule provided to the school.
Marketing materials to ensure that lets reach their maximum capacity.
Google Ad Spend and Social Media Advertising.
Advertising through our preferred partners.

We also work with schools to ensure that community groups are catered for (where appropriate) and can create a bespoke timetable to ensure certain lettable hours are only for community use.

Our online bookings management software is completely bespoke allowing for users to integrate hours, timings, pricing and a range of facilities can be uploaded to the software.

With our preferred partners we can ensure visibility of the school reaches is maximum potential and through different means of advertising we are confident that within weeks the school should see a 50% increase in lets particularly in weekdays.

You can also email us for more information.

Why choose us

No percentage splits of income. Revenue generated for the school is for the school
Fully experienced sales and staff team .
Expert Marketers
Network of partners to ensure maximum capacity reached quickly
Online booking system integration
Free APP to book sports pitches
Specialist of multi sport lettings NOT just football

We also ensure our staff members are hands on. Their role is not to simply open and close the facility but to check the customers are happy and provide them the tools to rebook (e.g downloading our APP)


We firmly believe the school should be in control and money generated from your facilities should be yours. It is your school after all who have chosen to build these fantastic facilities and all it needs is a managing agent like Schools360 to give it a push and ensure it reaches maximum potential. Our 80/20 split shows our commitment to schools that we are here for the school not for our own interests.
- A regular report emailed to you every friday with lettings breakdowns.
- Complete management of facilities- Meaning you do not need to get involved in the day to day aspects of running the site.
- Schools save money as they dont need to appoint a lettings manager or staff in the evenings to look after lets.
- A sales team working Monday-Sunday 9am-10pm.
- Fully trained and DBS checked staff to manage your facility.
- Online Bookings Software making it easy for customers to book not only by phone but via the APP or online portal.
- Guaranteed Revenue option always available.
You may have not heard of us but the chances are you have heard of one of our companies Playfiveaside, HireAPitch or 11aside.org. With such an immense knowledge of the industry we can provide references, examples, case studies and site visits for all aspects from Playground regeneration to developing a new sports pitch
We do take a 20% fee of all overall income. Whilst some schools may class this as very small (as competitors charge 50%) our company objective is for volume academies, schools, playgrounds and venues nationwide to run their lettings through Schools360. Our vision it to create a network of users on our platform.
Please contact us on 020 3875 3886 or email us on info@schools360.co.uk to book a free consultation

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