Free Pitch Development
& Resurfacing

How it works...

Schools360 provides free sports pitches in partnership with Playfiveaside for schools across the Country. After achieving nationwide success due to exposure on Dragons Den we have been approached by hundreds of schools to take advantage of this opportunity.

Why Choose Us:

1) School makes contact and a free consultation arranged to view their space.
2) Measurements taken and ideas discussed between Schools360 and the school.
3) An initial proposal put together for the school

Our proposal would show full costings of the sports pitch. All funding would come via Schools360. In exchange for the investment Schools360 would seek to exclusively hire the facilities in the evening for a set number of years.

It’s a win-win for everyone:

Schools benefit from a new surface at no cost.
Safer Surface for children to play.
Children get more excited about sports.
Long Term partners in Schools360 providing lettings and online bookings management.
Guaranteed revenue generated from the Schools360 partnership.
Out of hours staffing ensuring the facility is continuously looked after.
Increased revenue potential via after school clubs, football academies and holiday clubs.

We offer a free sports pitch development scheme to all facilities in the UK. Our future partnerships include but are not limited to schools, councils, community centres and leisure facilities. All our developments are completely free of charge. to find out more please download our brochure. You can also email us for more information.

Free Sports Pitch Development

Castlehaven Community Assosciation

"We were nervous at first but couldn’t believe the revenue generated from an idea that is so simple"
Shay Trip
Castlehaven Community Assosciation

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Living Space

"A win-win for everyone!"
Mark Beach
Living Space

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Lollard Street Adventure Playground

"We were really impressed with how professional Schools360 were, best decision ever!"
Anna Tapsell
Lollard Street, Adventure Playground

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Bethwin Adventure Playground

"A safer surface for kids and perfect for our revenue generation"
Hilary Rimington
Bethwin Adventure Playground

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Weavers Adventure Playground

"Saved our playground, we are truly grateful. "
Errol Wynter
Weavers Adventure Playground

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Schools360 have noticed an increasing demand for small sided and recreational sports but at the same time there is limited or no government funding available to fund any new developments. The FA and Sport England often take 12-18 months to come back to schools with their proposal and we class this as 12-18 months revenue lost.
Schools360 can provide a funding decision within 1 month and commence work in the school holidays provided contracts and formalities agreed. We know that new and improved spaces for children are very important to schools along side a long term income. It just makes perfect sense
- Schools360 will never use the facility during school operational hours.
- Newer and safer surface for children at no cost.
- Not a long process
- Children will get more excited about sports
- Ability to start after school and holiday clubs
- Income generation from evening lettings
You may have not heard of us but the chances are you have heard of one of our companies Playfiveaside, HireAPitch or
With such an immense knowledge of the industry we can provide references, examples, case studies and site visits for all aspects from Playground regeneration to developing a new sports pitch
Schools360 have an interest in the lets of the facillty. This is how we are able to recoup our investment and will ask for a set period of time rent free. Following this rent free period we will provide the school a guaranteed monthly income for lettings. Ultimately Schools360 will look for exclusive use of all school facilities for a given period of time.
Please contact us on 020 3875 3886 or email us on to book a free consultation.

Interested in free sports pitches?
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