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In Broad Terms What Is Finance & Accounting? How Do We Deal With It?

At Schools360 we look at employees and our clients as the most valuable assets. We offer a specialist department that deals with your Finance & Accounting. Our specialist team are all OFQUAL Obtained individuals that will improve all aspects based around this department, leaving you stress free!

Although Finance & Accounting are often used together, we look at both departments adversely and believe these 2 areas are what drives a business forward.
Finance, we believe , is the science of planning the distribution of assets. Whereas Accounting is the art of recording & reporting financial transactions. We aim to deal with the following for you with ease :

Outsourcing Bursar Role
Financial Planning and forecasting
Chasing Bad Debts
Achieving the best possible line of credit with the schools creditors
Sourcing the cheapest and highest quality goods and services via negotiating and researching with suppliers
Invoicing and Billing


We do not work as an agency, schools360 provide a completely outsourced service based on your needs and requirements. Our goal is quite simply to reduce your staff bill, negotiate the best deals for you possible and reduce the time spent on chasing bad debts. Our prices are configured after consultation as we need to assess the demands for your school.
-Reduced staffing costs
- Increased Efficiency as we set working hours of 9am-6pm for all staff. - Regular updates via email or meetings. - Increased revenue generation through the continued chasing of bad debts.
You may have not heard of us but the chances are you have heard of one of our companies Playfiveaside, HireAPitch or With such an immense knowledge of the industry we can provide references, examples, case studies and site visits for all aspects from Playground regeneration to developing a new sports pitch
We provide a tailored service to each school but its important to understand we partner with multiple schools and therefore our overall costs are reduced through economies of scale. So the overall costs to schools are reduced via our efficient and outsourced system grouping schools to 1 member of staff.
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