Case study

Bethwin Adventure Playground

January 15, 2015

Bethwin Adventure Playground

What we did...

Schools 360 and Playfiveaside approached Bethwin Adventure Playground to redevelop its desolate tarmac space. The Council had provided the playground funding to convert it into a MUGA but this wasnt suitable as it could not be used to let out and generate revenue.

The Chair and residents responded very well to plans for the new space and an agreement was made:

The pitch must be a multi sports surface allowing for all sports to be played.
Markings for netball, hockey and football were essential.
In set goals must be kept.
A member of staff was required on site at all times.
All maintenance was to be carried out by Schools 360 and Playfiveaside for a set period of time.

A new 5 a side football pitch was developed that. Markings were provided for both hockey and netball and new low level floodlights were installed to ensure no light spill into residential property.

Schools360 and Playfiveaside continue to run and manage this facility Monday-Thursday 630-930pm.

“A safer surface for kids and perfect for our revenue generation”
Hilary Rimington
Bethwin Adventure Playground

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